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Wellcome Manor Family Services
Wellcome Manor Family Services


New wing for women without children, and pregnant women is now open! 


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About Us

Wellcome Manor Family Services is a residential chemical dependency treatment center for women. Although this is a chemical dependency service designed expressly for women, mothers seeking to access treatment services may bring their children to reside with them while they attend treatment. The program offers a unique opportunity for women, including pregnant women, and mothers of dependent children to address chemical dependency issues, mental health issues and parenting issues simultaneously. Through ongoing assessments and data collection the program has been designed to look at all three of these life areas, assess each clients' assets and liabilities in each of these areas as well as identifying and addressing problems in the relationships of them. The result is a holistic, comprehensive program that reaches beyond treatment and into prevention. read more about us >>

5 Most Asked Questions

Does WMFS take insurance?
Yes, Wellcome Manor takes most major insurances.

Programs offered?
Please see the About Us section.

Can I bring my children on the first day and what's the age limit?
You may bring your children on the first day. Age limit of children,
10 years of age or Fourth grade.

How do I start?

Call 507-546-3295 and ask for Intake.

What do I bring?

Please see list on Admissions page.

Wellcome Manor Family Services Wellcome Manor Family Services